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Follow these tips when buying a paddle-board

When deciding on buying a paddleboard, you have some choices, do I need to have the convenience of an inflatable standup paddleboard that I can take on vacation. Perhaps I need storage space, and I don't have the room in my residence for a board. Maybe I desire a hard board, and it’s always ready to go!

When making a decision to purchase a paddleboard, you will be overwhelmed by the numbers of sizes and different kinds of boards. Paddleboards, typically come in different lengths, various widths and a different amount of volume.

First, let’s look at the length of a paddle-board. You can purchase a paddleboard that is as short as 7 feet to a paddleboard that is 14 feet and even longer. The most popular length of a paddleboard is between 10 and 12 feet, and is around 32 or 34 inches wide.

If stability is a high priority for you, you will want to look for a board in that range. You can go wider, but you may end up with a board that is sluggish and less fun to paddle.

If you are paddle boarding the surf zone you generally want a shorter paddle board with a narrower nose and tail section. You would go with a hard board under 10 feet, maybe as low as 8 feet with lower volume, however remember stability and volume are important.

Let‘s talk volume!! Most stand up paddle boards will have a volume number somewhere on the board that will indicate the amount of volume that the board is.

First take your weight and convert to kilograms, than multiple your weight to 2.3 to 3.0 and you will come up with the volume that you should be considering if you were a beginner paddle boarding. If you are a more advanced paddler, the ratio would be 1.8 to 2.2. An advanced standup paddle border may use a board from 1.2 to 1.8.

If the paddleboard that I’m using is almost entirely submerged in the water while I’m standing on the board without paddling, this is an indication that the board may not support enough weight, however if I am using it primarily for surfing this would be acceptable, since as soon as I would catch a wave, the board would rise and the forward momentum would provide the needed lift and allow me too make quick turns and catch waves.

When looking at volume on the board, I need to ask myself, what am I using the board specifically for: Float trip, Surfing, Yoga!

Before buying a Paddle Board, try a board out, and see if you like it. At Pacific Paddleboards, we can help with a board that will work for you. Come out to a demo and try out the paddle-boards and have some fun.

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